Hello, my name is Peter Schinckel ピーター・シンクル and
I am from New Zealand. Because my father is Australian
I actually have both New Zealand and Australian citizenships.
I have been living in Japan since October, 2000.
I am married (my wife is from Sapporo) and have three children.
Two are attending secondary school in New Zealand and my
youngest is attending elementary school in Sapporo. My hobbies and
sports include reading, listening to music, studying, along with
swimming, scuba diving and watching rugby. I love having BBQ’s
and my favourite season is summer.

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学 歴

サザンクイーンズランド大学              応用言語学修士 専攻中

タスマニア大学 オーストラリア          教育学修士 修了

マッシー大学 ニュージーランド          Certificate Early Years Education 修了

マッシー大学 ニュージーランド          経営学士 修了

トリニティ カレッジ  ロンドン        Cert. TESOL修了
Peter Schinckel(ピーター・シンクル)
Hokkaido is a lot like New Zealand with its
beautiful scenery, mountains and fresh air.
Like Hokkaido agriculture and tourism are
important to New Zealand’s economy. Japan
is New Zealand’s fourth largest trading partner
and for this reason Japanese language classes
are offered at a lot of secondary schools and
at our universities. Occasionally I take students
to New Zealand and I also help students planning
a working holiday or study program in New Zealand.
I have lots of information about New Zealand so
please come and see me. You will also have the
chance to try some famous New Zealand ‘Marmite

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