Welcome to Soen English
At Soen English we have made studying in New Zealand
as easy as 1,2,3. We provide an easy step by step guide
and work with three organizations that will help make
your study and travel to New Zealand safe, affordable
and rewarding.
Studying in New Zealand is as easy as 1,2,3
1, The University of Waikato Language Institute
2, IACE Travel, Sapporo and EVA Air
Southern Cross Healthcare.
Soen English School is an authorized representative of the
University of Waikato. We can advise you on the most
suitable course and help you enrol. We will also assist you
with your  student visa application, health and travel
insurance, home stay and  to New Zealand.

Important: If submitting your Study Visa application to the
New Zealand Immigration Service by post you must allow 4
weeks processing time. An incomplete application will be
returned. Hand delivered applications take approximately 2
weeks to process.
For affordable travel to New Zealand
from Chitose New International Airport we
recommend flying EVA Air. For bookings
and advice please contact
at IACE travel.

Tel : 011-219-2796 / Fax : 011-219-2766
Studying in New Zealand is easy with Soen English. We will probably meet on 2 or 3 occasions to
complete the necessary paper work, allow for any changes to dates etc. In addition there will be an
Introductory lesson on New Zealand, its customs, languages and people along with
some useful English

Below is
"A Step by Step" guide as to what is required.

1, In our first meeting we discuss your preferred travel dates, course of study, accommodation, health and visa

2, We then apply for enrolment with the University of Waikato Language Institute or the University itself.
If you are accepted we will receive an offer of place and an invoice within approximately 10 days.

3, We start preparing the necessary documents required to be submitted with your visa application.

4, Upon confirmation and receipt of a fees invoice, fees to the University of Waikato are paid and your place in the
course will then be confirmed. You will receive a receipt of fees paid from the University of Waikato and this has to
be included with the visa application.

5, We will then apply for a visa through New Zealand's Tokyo embassy. Full details of visa requirements are
available in Japanese by clicking
Remember we need to allow 4 weeks processing time.

7, Confirm travel arrangements with your travel agent. Health and travel insurance should be purchased at this time
and The University of Waikato informed of the Insurer and Policy Number.

8, We have our Introductory lesson on New Zealand along with some useful "Kiwi" English.

9, If you haven't started you'd better start packing. Don't forget to include some miso soup, nori, soba or other
favourite Japanese food (no fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or freshwater fish products). This will help if you start
feeling homesick.
Lemon & Paeroa, also known as L&P, is a sweet
soft drink manufactured only in New Zealand.
Traditionally it was made by combining lemon
juice with carbonated mineral water from the town
of Paeroa.
"World Famous in New Zealand"
New Zealand kiwifruit
"World famous"
Study in New Zealand!
As simple as 1,2,3
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