(start off with "the easy listening" examples!)
Learning while getting updated on the latest movies.
Australia's national broadcaster isn't letting us down!
Narrative is such a part of many conversations. These children show you how it's done.
This site is for the more advanced students - something everyone should be aiming for. It is
More scripted than natural but of assistance nevertheless.
A pay site that has some free examples
Very impressive exercises and authentic material.
Not the best, but some more practice for those that are keen!
The different pronunciations are here for you to hear.
The BBC's English learning site - the level is high, but it is excellent.
If you enjoy quizzes or want to do extra to prepare for tests there are thousands.
Eigorian. Not only for kids - this site is wonderful for all learners.
The BBC kids language site is also a wealth of help

A big  thank you to Eric for providing many of these links.
Soen English.
Resources for
students studying
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Touchstone Arcade
Online resources that
follows your student
Some great activities
and games below!!